Sirius black images. Sirius Black Quotes (47 quotes)

Sirius black images. Sirius Black

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10 Sirius Black Quotes, Because Sirius Is Seriously Inspirational

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Sirius Black is easily one of my favorite Harry Potter characters due to his remarkable quotes and wisdom that often comes from his risk-taking personality. He protected his best friends no matter the cost, and even after years of being locked away in Azkaban, he still turned out to be the ideal role model and caregiver for Harry. We all have a favorite HP quote , character, moment, and scene. Sirius's quotes tend to stick with you — the type of quotes that you're reminded of when faced with a difficult decision or change. Remembering that we're all made of lightness and darkness, and that just because bad things happen to us doesn't make us bad people, are often the sort of reminders that can get me through some tricky situations.