Nude mormon wife. Mormon Women Bravely Pose Naked to Challenge Church Views on Modesty

Nude mormon wife. Mormon Women Bare: Artist Captures Beautiful Nude Photo Series (NSFW)

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Naked Mormon women go viral, talk back |

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All rights reserved. Photographer Katrina Barker Anderson from Salt Lake City, is on two not-so-simple missions: to protest the modesty rhetoric of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS, better known as the Mormon church , and to capture Mormon women in the nude, celebrating the human body in all forms. She posted a call-out on a Mormon Facebook page for volunteers to be photographed, not knowing if there'd be any takers. A couple of days later, she received interest from 30 women, either living in Utah or visiting the state. This past July she started taking photos, using natural light and shooting models in their own homes.