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Not Another Happy Ending () - Trivia - IMDb

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Directed by: John McKay. This minor little romantic-comedy fails in the romance department and fares only mildly better in the comedy area, managing to be cute at times, but never actually very funny. It's only redeeming features are the presence of Karen Gillan Doctor Who's Amy Pond and some nice shots of Glasgow where the film is set. Apart from those two things, it's strictly by the numbers with writing on par with a bad sitcom. Gillan plays Jane Lockhart, a young writer living in Glasgow whose debut novel is a huge hit. However, her reaction to this title change is blown out of proportion and she goes from obviously falling in love with him, to disliking him enough that she wants to change publishers and have nothing much to do with him. This contrivance feels forced into the story to provide an obstacle for these two to fall in love, even though it's obvious that's where the story will end up from their first scene together.