Funny subjects to write about. Funny and Humorous Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative, Impromptu] • My Speech Class

Funny subjects to write about. Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

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Funny Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas | Owlcation

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Public speaking can be a lot of fun, especially when humor is included. The use of humor to have an audience agree with your point of view can go a long way in convincing them that your solution is the right one. Once you have chosen a topic, you will need to compose the speech structure. This sample of outline will help you getting started. Start the talk by introducing yourself. The body of the speech: Three points Hopefully, with the audience waiting with baited breath, the time is ripe to hit them with three good reasons for them to listen to, and agree with, what is being said. But at least three points should always be used.