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At least once a year, a new product enters the market, claiming to solve all the problems you never knew you were having with your vagina. Vaginal sheet masks also exist, for some reason, even though we all know we should be saving serum for our faces. Now, the latest product to come out of the vaginal industrial complex is a "vagina dry wash," or, as it's been termed by Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot , "vagina dry shampoo. Much like how traditional dry shampoo is meant to absorb oil from the hair and help styles stay fresh between showers, Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Dry Wash is described as a product to keep your vagina fresh. If you have a vagina and even if you don't , you've probably heard the phrase "self-cleaning oven" to describe how your body takes care of itself. Additionally, the skin in and around a vagina is "extremely delicate," says Marchbein.