Random sex questions to ask a guy. Really Random Questions to Ask a Guy - Questions you probably haven't asked

Random sex questions to ask a guy. 150+ Random Questions To Ask A Guy or Girl

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33 Sexy Dirty Talk Questions To Ask A Guy Or Girl To Turn You Both On | Sean Jameson | YourTango

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Keeping your relationship fun and exciting is crucial if you want something everlasting. It's not just important for making sure that your man stays attracted and faithful, but also for making sure that you, yourself, don't get bored! So that's why I want to give you these 33 dirty questions to ask a guy when you want to get him in the mood for some fun sex games. The aim of the questions is for both of you to discover new things and kinks about each other in a way that's fun and interesting. It's also a great way to show your man how adventurous you are.